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C-PAP Nightstand

The MVE CPAP Nightstand is designed specifically to hold CPAP, BiPAP, and VPAP equipment and is ideal for the room of a sleep apnea patient. It is equipped with a wooden hanging hook for the face mask. The CPAP Nightstand has side and back openings for air hoses and wires. Durable wood and laminate construction will last through years of use. This nightstand is available in multiple finishes. Letting you choose the one that best matches your room interior.

30″H × 16.5″W × 25″D

SECC | 60638

Prices updated 08/08/23

J-740.DOK (dark oak) $254.00
J-740.LOK (light oak) $254.00
J-740.MAH (mahogany) $254.00

Specify dark oak, light oak, or mahogany.

You may see variations of grain and color on a desk, plaque, or other wood product ordered from MVE. Grain and color variations are natural characteristics of wood. These variances are more noticeable after the wood is stained and finished.  As a result, there will be no two items that look alike, and individual surfaces on the same item may differ due to this natural variation.