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Eligible Customers

State employees (current and retired) are eligible to purchase from Missouri Vocational Enterprises Employee Store.

Due to state statutes, MVE cannot sell products or services to private individuals or industries.

To Place An Order

Thank you for supporting the Missouri Vocational Enterprises program through your purchasing of our products. In order to fill your orders quickly and accurately, we require specific information that is often overlooked or missed when filling out the order form. Please check your order for the following information before faxing or e-mailing it to the Employee Store:

We will no longer accept orders that request engraving, signage, embroidery or previously made special order with the statement, ″just like the last order,″ or similar instructions.

If help is needed for acquiring any of this information, you may call the MVE Employee Sales (573-522-2925). Failure to include the necessary information will result in the delay of your order being processed. Please note that your accuracy in documenting this information is crucial. MVE will not be responsible for items that are made according to the directions given on the order form.

Thank you for working with MVE to make the order process smooth and efficient. Our goal is to produce quality items for your use within a reasonable time frame. Following these instructions will help us serve you accurately and efficiently.

To place an order:


Please be certain to check the price list carefully for the proper size and color. Price quotations are F.O.B. destination. Due to fluctuating material costs, all catalog prices are subject to change without notice. However, no orders will be shipped at the higher price without prior approval from the customer. 


Payment must be made before items are received. Items will not be delivered and must be picked up at Employee Store. Shipping is available for items to DOC institution with MVE factory.

Special Products and Quotes

Custom products and services are available from MVE Employee Store. Any variations in standard products will be considered, and our decision will be based on delivery date, quantity, specifications, etc.  Delivery will be contingent upon production schedules and availability of raw materials.

Consulting Services

An Employee Sales Representative (Cheryl Thomas) is available to show samples and designs of current and new product items. She will discuss long-range plans, and provide suggestions/solutions to those problem areas.