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Ordering Procedures For MVE Products

STANDARD ORDERS: Please allow 6-8 weeks to produce and deliver your order.
CUSTOM ORDERS: Due to the unique needs of a custom order, please expect an additional delay in production time.

Finished Logo/Design becomes the property of MVE.

Graphic Arts / Engraving / Embroidery / Signage

Thank you for supporting the Missouri Vocational Enterprises program through your purchasing of our products. In order to fill your orders quickly and accurately, we require specific information that is often overlooked or missed when filling out the order form. Please check your order for the following information before faxing or emailing it to our Customer Service Center:

Graphics, Engraving & Signage


We will no longer accept orders that request engraving, signage or embroidery with the statement, “just like the last order,” or similar instructions.

If help is needed for acquiring any of this information, you may call the MVE sales office and speak to a representative. Failure to include the necessary information will result in the delay of your order being processed. Please note that your accuracy in documenting this information is crucial. MVE will not be responsible for items that are made according to the directions given on the order form.

Thank you for working with MVE to make the order process smooth and efficient. Our goal is to produce quality items for your use within a reasonable time frame. Following these instructions will help us serve you accurately and efficiently.

Fire Retardant

All wood furniture with have a 20% upcharge, per item, for fire retardant coating.

All upholstered wood furniture will have a 10% upcharge, per item, for fire retardant coating.