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5 Important Things About Measuring and Ordering:

  1. If you know the size that fits you well, order that size. But if in doubt, don't guess - determine your correct size by carefully following the measuring instructions on this page.
  2. To insure accuracy, have someone else take your body measurements. Hold tape straight and snug, but not tight.
  3. Carefully read the description of the item you want to order to determine if the style is right for your build, and if it is available in your size and the color you want.
  4. When ordering, be sure to give all sizes requested.
  5. If you should fall between sizes, order the next larger size for that item.

Sizing 1Sizing 2Sizing 3

Sizing 4Sizing 5Sizing 6

How to measure for your correct sizes:

Chest Size: Place tape measure around fullest part of chest, keeping it up under arms and around the shoulder blades. Number of inches is your size.
Waist Size: Place tape measure around waist over shirt (not slacks) at height you wear slacks. Keep one finger between tape and body. Number of inches is your size.
Seat Size: Place tape measure around fullest part of hips over a comfortably fitting pair of slacks (pockets empty). Number of inches may aid in determining your size.
Inseam Size: Lay well-fitting slacks flat with crease at back and front. Lift one slacks leg, and measure from crotch along inseam to the length preferred. Number of inches is your size.
Neck Size: On a shirt that fits you well, lay collar flat, measure collar from center of collar button to far end of collar buttonhole. Number of inches is your size.
Sleeve Size: Place tape measure at center of back of collar, along arm, behind elbow, to far end of cuff. Number of inches in length is your size.
Knitted Shirts: Take chest measurement over undershirt.
Sweatshirts: Take chest measurement over clothing you will normally wear underneath.
Sport Coats and Outerwear: Your correct height is important in determining sleeve length. See chart below to determine if you are a Short, Regular or Long. Be sure the item you want is available in the length you want and your chest size. Measure chest as instructed in the diagram on this page.
Tall Sizes: We have some items specially cut longer for taller men. If you are 5'11 ½″Lto 6'2 ½″Ltall, look for Tall Sizes in outerwear, shirts, pajamas, robes and underwear. If you are over 6'2 ½″Ltall, see information for extra-tall..

Are You an Extra-Tall or Big Man?

You're Extra-Tall if:
Height is 6'2 ½″ or more
Chest is 38″ to 56″
Waist is 30″ to 42″
Inseam is 34″ to 37″
Neck is 15″ to 18 ½″
Sleeve is 35″ to 37″
You're a Big Man if:
Height is 5'7″ to 6'2 ½″
Chest is 48″ to 56″
Waist is 44″ to 56″
Inseam is 30″ to 34″
Neck is 17 ½″ to 20 ½″
Sleeve is 33″ to 35″


Sizing 7Measuring Pant Size
A. They rest just below your natural waistline.
B. Made for men whose seats are no longer than 7 to 8 inches larger than their waists.
C. Fit trim in seat, thigh and leg areas, but not tight.
D. Neatly tailored flared or straight bottoms are properly proportioned.

How to Measure For Slacks
Measure waist over well-fitting shirt.
Number of inches is your correct waist size.
Measure inseam down inner seam of well-fitting slacks to the length preferred. Number of inches is the inseam length.
If you are wearing higher-heeled shoes, allow for the extra inseam length needed.

Women's Pants Conversion Chart
Pant Size Waist Size
2 25.5″
4 26.5″
6 27.5″
8 28.5″
10 29.5″
12 31″
14 32.5″
16 34″
18 36″
20 38″
22 40″
24 42″
26 44″
28 46″
30 48″
32 50″
34 52″
36 54″
38 56″
40 58″