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Release (Waiver) Process Instructions

Intent: The intent of this updated process is to provide MVE customers with purchase release review and/or approval within a practical time frame.

Certificate of Release: Requests for purchase releases should be submitted prior to purchase from an outside source.

Note: A fillable PDF version of the Certificate of Release must be requested from MVE. This will allow you to add data to the form.

Click here for the posted version that is a PDF file, which can be viewed and printed or emailed to

No prior approval: If a SAMII document is entered that requires MVE Resource Manager approval and a waiver has not been requested in advance, MVE will review the specifications for the commodity code line(s) on the Requisition Text (RXTX) table for an NR or RXQ document or the Purchasing Text (PTEX) table for a PDQ or PGQ document to make a determination. This process will take longer than if the release is received prior to processing the SAMII document.

Prior Approval: Put the Certificate of Release number in the Comment field of the procurement document (NR, RXQ, PDQ or PGQ).

Note:  Of the six types of SAMII purchase order documents, only the PDQ or the PGQ documents may be utilized when Resource Manager approval is required.

Instructions for Submittal Via Email

Submit the Certificate of Release via email to; Attention: MVE Waiver Request. The request must include the following information:

  1. An explanation of the basis for the release request
  2. Contact name
  3. Contact telephone number
  4. Contact fax number
  5. Item number, description, quantity, price and vendor name
  6. Pictures or drawings are required on all clothing, furniture, chair, metal, or engraved products
  7. Justification of why the item(s) cannot be provided by MVE (i.e.; delivery requirements, cost, style issues, etc.)

Upon receipt of the emailed release request, MVE will provide approval/disapproval within a practical amount of time.

Problem Resolution: If, after five working days, you have not received a response from MVE you may contact the appropriate MVE staff at 573-522-2939 or 573-522-2927 for a status update..