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Concealment Shelf

Concealment Shelves

Hand crafted with real hardwoods. Easily installed and with all the usefullness of a shelf, it packs an extra punch with a discreet foam lined compartment just below the surface. Available in multiple finishes to match any decor. Custom sizes are also available.

SECC | 60638

Price updated 8/10/23

16″ $76.00
J-141.DOK (dark oak)
J-141.LOK (light oak)
J-141.MAH (mahogany)
J-141.WAL (walnut)

24″ $113.00
J-142.DOK (dark oak)
J-142.LOK (light oak)
J-142.MAH (mahogany)
J-142.WAL (walnut)

36″ $127.00
J-143.DOK (dark oak)
J-143.LOK (light oak)
J-143.MAH (mahogany)
J-143.WAL (walnut)

Specify dark oak, light oak, mahogany, or walnut.

You may see variations of grain and color on a desk, plaque, or other wood product ordered from MVE. Grain and color variations are natural characteristics of wood. These variances are more noticeable after the wood is stained and finished.  As a result, there will be no two items that look alike, and individual surfaces on the same item may differ due to this natural variation.