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New Missouri Senate Desks

New Senate Desk

MVE recently built six custom desks and tables for the Missouri State Senate to match desks that were used in the Capitol in the 1800’s.

Using photos provided, an offender drew up new designs using a CAD program and offenders built the custom desks in the Charleston Furniture Factory. MVE was asked to come up with a stain to match the stain of the original desks. The Senate sent an existing table to our factory for a sample, and we were able to come up with a great match!

We received the following email from Jon Burton of the Missouri Senate: The desks look great and everyone is pleased with the outcome. Thanks for your work on this project. We appreciate it. I have a feeling we will be ordering more in the future.

Earlier this year, MVE did the same for the House of Representatives, building 40 desks. Special projects such as these really challenge the offenders as part of our diverse training programs to enhance offenders’ employability and opportunity for success while incarcerated and upon release.

Factory Manager, Jody Ruminer, states We believe the offender workers did an excellent job of recreating a classic look from the past. We are very, very, proud of them.

Seals for State Inauguration 2021

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Missouri Vocational Enterprises is proud to have provided the Missouri State Seals used during the inauguration of Governor Mike Parsons and Lt. Governor Mike Kehoe on Monday, January 11.

The Governor’s Office requested two State Seals be made specifically for the Governor’s inauguration. The short timeframe required a lot of coordination between the Governor’s Office, MVE Administration and the Factory Manager, but we were able to provide the two seals on time.

The seals were made by the MVE Engraving factory at the Jefferson City Correctional Center. The 14″ diameter seals started as a plain piece of oak that was cut out and laser engraved. One seal was stained and the other was hand painted by one of our very talented offenders, Mr. Hughes.

Mr. Hughes expressed his appreciation, saying I am grateful to be given an opportunity to play a part in creating something so significant. It is a moment I will always be proud of.

Factory Manager, James Cain, explains that Mr. Hughes is a very talented artist and to know that his work is appreciated and how he feels about his part in the project I think would not only help with his morale but hopefully aid in his sense of self-worth and further his efforts toward rehabilitation.

MVE Provides Furnishings
for National Guard AVCRAD Project

Missouri Vocational Enterprises (MVE) recently partnered with the National Guard on the AVCRAD (Aviation Classification Repair Activity Depot) expansion project located at the Springfield, MO Airport. The facility is one of four AVCRAD locations in the United States where military aircraft are repaired. The Springfield location repairs and maintains aircraft from 14 states here, a fleet of about 370 helicopters and other aircraft. The 84,000-square-foot addition to the existing depot will cost $32M and include new helicopter maintenance facilities for wiring, electronics and navigation, as well as office and training facilities for maintenance instruction, mobilization, operations and flight. MVE supplied the office furniture for the facility including modular office systems, desks, chairs, shelving, tables, lounge furniture, and file cabinets.

executive desk 2 l-return desk 4 tables and chairs office 4 modulars