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State Agency Signs and Decals

Commonly used state signs and decals - current prices in effect.

Order: “Special (state the agency) Sign”, indicate the size, provide a brief description and price.

24 x 24
24″ × 24″ $57.00

Department of Labor and Industrial Relations
26.5″ × 27″ Decal
Call for Quote!

outside installation
clear background, black/gold

24″ MGC Decal
Call for Quote!

oustide installation

MoDOT Door Decal
Call for Quote!

(2 per set)
8″ × 15″ reflective

Emergency Locator
5.25″ × 8″ Call for Quote!
yellow or brown
reflective vinyl

Department of Mental Health
48″ × 48″ Call for Quote!
non reflective

Department of Agriculture
60″ × 36″ Call for Quote!
white reflective background

JCCC | 61311

Prices updated 3/17/23

Please follow MVE's ordering procedures for graphics, engraving, embroidery, and signage.