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Lateral File Cabinets

Clearance* Lateral File Cabinets

*"Clearance" items are sold as is and are non-returnable. Some items will not include a warranty due to age and/or condition.

FTN: Furniture Tan; LNU: Light Neutral (cream); DNU: Dark Neutral (dark grey).

Picture may not be of actual item. Quantities are subject to change without notice.

Please note on the order form that the item is "Clearance".

Item Number Description Quantity Old Price Sale Price
111-4L.STN 4 drawer, 36″W 1 $1059.00 $340.00
111-4LA.DNU 4 drawer, 36″W 5 $1059.00 $350.00
111-5L.DNU 5 drawer; 36″W 4 $1270.00 $430.00
111-5LA.DNU 5 drawer, 36″W 11 $1270.00 $430.00