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Routed Wood Signs

Routed Wood

Letters for these signs are normally routed into 1 ½″ thick western cedar or redwood. The routed letters can then be painted almost any color, with white or yellow being the most acceptable. Letter height varies between 1″ and 8″. After routing and painting, all signs are sealed with a preservative.

Layout, when not furnished by the customer, will be done by the factory. All wood signs are subject to special quote.

Please include the following information on a sketch with order or inquiry for quotation: Overall size; approximate letter height; type of material (if other than western cedar or redwood); color of letters; signs on one or both sides; message; and how sign will be mounted.

Contact your MVE Sales Representative for a custom price quote.

Please follow MVE's ordering procedures for graphics, engraving, embroidery, and signage.