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Double Door Locker

Double Door Locker

This double door locker is perfect for personal belongings or supplies that need to be stored away in small quarters. As a property locker, it is not equipped to hold full length garments. Top and bottom lockers come with 2 hooks set in the inner walls. This traditional school locker also comes with a shelf, giving you 15 inches of usable space perfect for storing books, wallets, purses, etc. This unit is constructed of 18 gauge sheet metal, insuring years of reliable service. Unit features traditional sliding up and down locks. Available with an optional hood which provides for easier cleaning accessibility and prevents unwanted storage of items on top of the locker.

Metal Product pricing is subject to change at any time, due to the increasing cost of raw materials.


Prices updated 6/29/22

M-525 $501.00

M-525A $528.00 with stand

M-529 $70.00 optional hood

Specify choice of Dark Neutral, Light Neutral, or Black baked enamel finish.

Specify left or right door hinge.