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5G Keyboard System

Height adjustment range: 6.25″
Tilt adjustment range: 0°┬áto -15°

The 5G keyboard literally brings the work to you, allowing you to sit back in your chair while providing serious protection from carpal tunnel syndrome, neck and back pain, and other musculoskeletal issues. Clip Mouse features height, depth and lateral adjustability, and can easily be moved to support left- or right-handed mousing. Made of ¼″ phenolic resin, which combines strength, durability and a slim profile.

• Intuitive height adjustment that requires no locks, levers or controls
• Dial-a-tilt positioning that allows you to type at the angle most comfortable for you
• Ultra-thin profile to provide maximum knee clearance
• 7″ total range from 2″ above the track to 5″ below the track
• Comes standard with 22.625″ track
• Keyboard Tray Swivels / Rotates 360°


J-110 $250.00