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Wood Frames

Wood Frames

Our wood products are made from 100% real wood.

Price per linear foot. Actual dimensions are measured inside the frame, does not include width of frame.

Please indicate on order if portrait or landscape.

Please follow MVE's procedures for graphics, engraving, embroidery, and signage.

Please allow a minimum of 7-10 days to produce your order.


E-56029 ⅞ flat top with trim, natural $1.60

E-56103 ⅞″ 3 step, cove birch $1.72

E-56106 ¾″ double arch, Mahogany $1.17

E-56107 ⅝″ double rabbit, walnut $0.55

E-56108 1½″ multi cut, oak $1.72

E-56124 1⅜″ round over $1.35

E-56142 1½″ multi cut, maple $1.60

E-56163 1½″ flat top $1.35