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Leather Craft

High quality leather items. All items are hand-laced or machine sewn. Black, dark brown tan, or burgundy lace is available for all laced items. Sewn items are available in dark brown or black thread. Items available include billfolds, tri-folds, clutches, purses, guitar straps, bible covers, rifle slings of varying shapes and sizes. Family heirlooms or a customer's favorite wallet can be used as a pattern. Custom leather portraits and pictures are available. These are hand tooled and airbrushed for a high quality realistic appearance. We are only limited by your imagination. Prices will vary depending on the item you wish to purchase.

Please follow MVE's procedures for graphics, engraving, embroidery, and signage.

Consult an MVE Sales Associate for additional information, 573-751-6663 or 1-800-392-8486.

plain belt $20.00 (up to 46" × 1 1/5")
Any belt length over 46", contact factory for pricing.
Specialty/Carved $25.00 (up to 46" × 1 1/5")
Belts with custom buckles, call factory for pricing.
carved wallet $26.00
(plain wallet $19.25)
Key Fob
key fob $5.00
Can Koozie
can Koozie $19.95
leather picture